And here's to JUNE....

Father's Day

The kids made Porter breakfast in bed.  Porter is a great dad.  He plays, wrestles, fixes things, he's a homework helper, video game challenger, story teller, entertainer, diaper changer, tramp bouncer, and keeps them in line - but mostly he loves them more then they will ever know.

He's giving me a funny face because I told him he never smiles in pictures.  OK - he does sometimes - but not unless I bug him too.

Tanner's presents.  He gave him a jet and a screwdriver.  Tanner's presents are the best!!

Tanner showing me his "inner peace" moves from Kung Fu Panda 2.

Jake gave him a pocket knife that he saved up for and bought for him at scout camp.  He did it all on his own - kinda sweet  :)

Courtney pie and Port - they look nothing alike???

Tanner's presents to my dad - 2 screwdrivers. 

And to Brent......you guessed it - a screwdriver.

Cherry Hill

This is our 2nd year up at Cherry Hill.  It's turned out to be pretty fun.  It's the kind of camping I like - flushing toilets, showers, air conditioning, running water, a fridge and water slides!

Here's our set-up - not bad for non-campers

Going down the water slides.  My kids had so much fun.  They ran from water slide to water slide to the pool all day.

Brent, Brenda, Lila and Court going down the lazy river

They are so funny together

Porter's hand and Courtney's braces had a run-in on a water slide.  I think her braces won.

Tanner got that mask and it was like magic for his swimming.  Why did Dumbo need a feather?

My dad trying to catch some ZZZZ's in the shade, but Crew wasn't having any of that!

Grandma Dahn's Birthday
(Porter's grandma)

I'm not sure what bday this is for her - somewhere in her early 80's.  She looks so amazing, I hope that I look as good as her someday.  I love this woman.  Since the day I met her - she is one of my favorite people in the world.

Kayde, Davi, G. Dahn, Anne and Drake

Our fam

Jake's bday is the day after Grandma Dahn's, so we celebrated it with Porter's family at her party.  He got a long-awaited scope to go with his .22. 

Grandma Cynde and Grandad with Jake for his bday

I love this picture. 
 G. Dahn walks a little slow these days - so Porter helped her out.

Jake's 10th bday

I tried to make Jake a lacrosse cake - wasn't my best - but I think he appreciated all the effort.

2 of my handsome boys!!!

We played Minute It to Win It for his bday with our family.  It was hilarious!!!
Here everyone is trying to get 10 cotton balls from one bowl to another with Vaseline on their nose.

stacking cards - nobody did it in 60 secs

Grumps even got in the action
Way to go Brenda!

Oreo from your forehead to mouth.  Port did the toss and catch - it worked pretty well.

lots of good blackmail pics someday

chocolate unicorn - try and stack 7 ding dongs on your forehead without falling

Crew and Lila just wanted to eat them

Grumps (my grandpa) with Jake.  My kids are lucky - they still have 4 great-grandparents alive today

Tanner's present to Jake - he gave him one of his favorite cars

Lila and Crew having fun sitting on Jake's present

Jake - I can't believe you are 10. How time truly flies. You have a tender heart and are such a great kid.  I love you very much.